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Hufflepuff VS Slytherin

Here are all of the submissions I have received from both Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Please vote on each position as a comment to this post by Friday, March 24th. Under each cut will be both submissions from each house. You can vote in any format you like, just be sure that I can understand which house you chose to win for each position. (i.e. Gryffindor: Beater, Keeper, Seeker Slytherin: Chaser, Captain)

Keeper: Make an icon that features a teacher. The only other requirement is that the dimensions have to be 100x100, other than that you are free to decide which teacher you use, if you want text or not... what have you!


Hufflepuffhufflepuff61626 No submission received.

Chaser: Draw a picture that shows Rita Skeeter gathering some information about a major character. It can be in whatever media you are best in! It can be a sketch or completed drawing, something you have done previously or something new for this competition, its up to you!
SytherinNo player for this position.

HufflepuffNo player for this position.

Beater: Quidditch Trivia

1. How long are the goal posts at each end of the field?
~50 feet~

2. What are the balls used in Quidditch?
~ quaffle, bludgers and the golden snitch.~

3. How many points does a team get for catching the snitch?

4. What are the two stories of where the word Quidditch came from?
In reality it came from the names of the balls: Quaffle, Bludger and Snitch. In the book however it comes from the name of the location of the first game that could be called Quidditch: Queerditch Marsh.

5. Name as many of the Hogwarts Quidditch (past and present) players as you can.
Cho Chang
Roger Davies

Cederic Diggory
Zacharias Smith

Draco Malfoy
Marcus Flint
Gregory Goyle
Vincent Crabbe
Adrian Pucey
Miles Bletchley
Cassius Warrington
Terence Higgs

Harry Potter
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Ron Weasley
Oliver Wood
Angelina Johnson
Alicia Spinnt
Katie Bell
Demelza Robins
Ginny Weasley
Jimmy Peakes
Ritchie Coote
Andrew Kirke
Cormac McLaggen
James Potter
Jack Sloper ~

1. How tall are the goal posts at each end of the field?
Over 100 in the air

2. What are the balls used in Quidditch?
Quaffle, Snitch, Bludger

3. How many points does a team get for catching the snitch?
The Team gets One hundred and Fifty points.

4. What are the two stories of where the word Quidditch came from?
I've no clue. Sorry Slytherin. For Shame :(

5. Name as many of the Hogwarts Quidditch (past and present) players as you can.
Alicia Spinnet, Oliver Wood, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Marcus Flint, Fred and George Weasley, Charlie Weasley, James Potter, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Andrew Kirke, Jack Sloper, Zacharias Smith, Cedric Diggory, Summerby, Roger Davies, Cho Change, Bradley, Chambers, Adrian Pucey, Miles Bletchley, Terence Higgs, Bole, Derrick, Montague, Warrington, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pucey

How tall are the goal posts at each end of the field?
There are six round goal posts, three at each end, which are 50 feet (15 metres) high.

What are the balls used in Quidditch?
There are 3 balls used namely the Quaffle, Bludgers and the Golden Snitch. The issuppose to be thrown to the opposing teams goal post, to reacieve 10 points. The Keeper guards his or her goal hoops. Two heavy iron balls called Bludgers fly around the field on their own trying to hit players, and the Beaters use bats to defend their team or to hit the Bludgers at the opposing team. Finally, the tiny and winged Golden Snitch darts around at very high speeds and the Seeker attempts to catch it.

How many points does a team get for catching the snitch?
It is worth 150 points and ends the game, generally winning it in the process

What are the two stories of where the word Quidditch came from?
I am not sure on how to answer this question, wherein I should write on how it can to be based on the author, or the story, but anyway here it goes:
Based on the author:
I met a British journalist from quite a serious newspaper not very long ago. She said to me: "You obviously got the name 'Quidditch' from 'quiddity,' which is the word that means the essence of a thing." And I looked at her and thought, "Oh, I really want to say, 'Yes.' Because that sounds so much cooler than the truth." But the truth is that I invented the word for a totally whimsical reason. I just wanted a word that began with Q. Don't ask me why. Just pure whim. I still have the notebook in which I invented all these words beginning with Q. On the page, you can see where I wrote Quidditch, and I circled it five times. I just really liked the sound of it.
and based on the story:
Queerditch Marsh
"Tuesday. Hot. That lot from across the marsh have been at it again. Playing a stupid game on their broomsticks. A big leather ball landed in my cabbages."
-- from the diary of Gertie Keddle, 11th Century.
Eight hundred years ago, a group of witches and wizards used an damp stretch of nettle-filled ground called Queerditch Marsh as a place to play a new game they had invented. This game involved broomsticks and a "big leather ball." Soon they added a couple of heavy rocks, bewitched to try to knock players off their brooms. The whole business was observed by a witch named Gertie Keddle who wrote about what she saw, in badly spelled Saxon, in her diary. That diary is now in the Museum of Quidditch in London. Queerditch Marsh itself has been made Unplottable. It took two centuries more for the game of Quidditch to evolve to its present form, but the crude beginnings as well as the strange name came from Queerditch Marsh.

Name as many of the Hogwarts Quidditch (past and present) players as you can.
Bell, Katie - Chaser(1991-1997)
Johnson, Angelina - Chaser(1991-1996), captain(1995-1996)
Kirke, Andrew - Beater(1995 - 1996)
McClaggen, Cormac - reserve Keeper(1996-1997)
Potter, Harry - Seeker(1991-1997), captain(1996-1997)
Potter, James - Chaser(1970s)
Robins, Demelza - Chaser(1996-1997)
Sloper, Jack - Beater(1995-1996)
Spinnet, Alicia - Chaser(1991-1996)
Thomas, Dean - reserve Chaser(1996-1997)
Weasley, Charlie - Seeker(1980s)
Weasley, Fred - Beater(until 1995)
Weasley, George - Beater(until 1995)
Weasley, Ginny - Seeker and reserve Seeker(1995-1997), Chaser(1996-1997)
Weasley, Ron - Keeper(1995-1998)
Wood, Oliver - Keeper (captain)(1991-1993)

Bletchley, Miles - Keeper(1991)
Bole - Beater(1993)
Crabbe, Vincent - Beater 1995 -1998)
Derrick - Beater(1993)
Flint, Marcus - Chaser(captain)
Goyle, Gregory - Beater(1995-1998)
Higgs, Terence - Seeker(1991-1992)
Malfoy, Draco - Seeker(1992, ff.)
Montague - Chaser(1993-1996)
Pucey, Adrian - Chaser(1991)
Vaisey - Chaser(1996)
Warrington - Chaser(1993-1996)

Diggory, Cedric -Seeker
Smith, Zacharias -Chaser
Summerby - Seeker

Diggory, Cedric -Seeker
Smith, Zacharias -Chaser
Summerby -Seeker
Sources: http://www.quick-quote-quill.org, http://www.wikipedia.org, and http://www.hp-lexicon.org

Seeker: Write a story about one of the Marauders adventures. It can be short, less than a page, or it can be 15 pages (although I really don't expect that much. XDD), its totally up to you.

“This is the stupidest idea you have had yet! This is serious; Dumbledore is not going to let this one pass if he finds out! Going to the girls’ dormitories is one of the things punished by expulsion!” Remus warned, receiving an immediate poke in the ribs from James to keep quiet.

“I suppose it is a bit too much for a just some girl,” Sirius shrugged, stopping near a small, slightly glowing door in the end of the pitch-black corridor, “but since Evans is not just some girl, according to Prongs, I suppose some lines could be crossed. Besides, by now – being a legend and all, anything less than something punishable by expulsion is quite simply not worth us.”

Remus sighed. The same thing happened tonight as any other night the Marauders went out on one of their “conquests” – he tried to talk them out of it, failed miserably, and on top of all that got dragged along. It was ridiculous, really. He was a Prefect and could not go a week without being involved in some kind of an uproar James and Sirius managed to drag him into. He often wondered if Dumbledore had given him the position in hopes of him getting the remaining three a little under control, and if that was the case, Dumbledore really didn’t choose the right guy to try to stand in the way of Sirius Black and James Potter.

“This is the door.” Peter nodded and gave James a sly smile. “It took me a couple of weeks of crawling through the sewers to find one, but there was one after all.”

“You see, Moony, and you were saying one could not possibly exist! Someone before us must have been an odd genius to make this.” James grinned mischievously and placed his hand on the handle. “Where does this door lead to, Wormtail?”

“Um…” Peter looked guilty, and the remaining three exchanged annoyed glances. Whenever Peter managed to prove himself of any use, he always ended up having a significant flaw in all his contributions to the mischief that more often than not compromised all four of them.

“That’s it, we must turn back! There is no way you’re going through there if you don’t know where it opens up to!” Remus slapped James’s hand away from the handle and turned around. “This is a sign as clear as any could ever be that we should not be here and should leave immediately.”

“Oh, shut it for once, Moony! All that trouble for nothing? We have to take our chances!”

With that, Sirius made for the door and pushed James towards it as well. Remus stood horrorstruck as James stumbled into the door, burst it open and fell through it, Sirius and Peter immediately transforming and following. The crash could’ve awakened the dead. A couple of minutes of silence was all the blissful time Remus was given to hope for the best before a piercing scream cut through the darkness. Remus crawled up to the door, moved the tapestry behind which it was apparently hidden, and peeked in inside at the chaos that now commenced.

James was sitting on the floor between two beds – one belonging to Lily Evans, and the second to Alice Longbottom. Both girls had the covers pulled up almost up to their ears and screamed as if they were being attacked and assaulted. The shaggy black dog sat by James looking panicky and lost, growling quietly. Remus could see a grey rat hiding behind a chair in the corned unnoticed.

“I knew this was going to happen,” he grumbled, pulling out his wand and sealing the room, putting a silencing spell on it. “How stupid of me to even think for a minute this could’ve possibly turned into anything less than a disaster!”

James, meanwhile, was recognized by the two girls and now beaten with pillows over his head, questions and insults from the two girls thrown at his between punches. Finally Lily motioned for Alice to stop, got up, being very careful to be completely wrapped up in the covers and advanced on James and Sirius with a murderous look.

“That’s the last straw, Potter, you hear me?!” she bellowed as loud as she could, completely unaware that he efforts to get attention of everyone, particularly McGonagall, were hopeless thanks to Remus. “How dare you even dare to think that you can come falling in her in the middle of the night?! “

“Relax, would you, Evans? What a spaz!” James’s voice was shaking, but he was regaining his usual cool and trying to work his way out of it – something practice made close to perfect. “I was walking my dog, I found a door – I didn’t even know where it would lead!”

“Really?” Lily looked like she was about to laugh, but changed her mind. “So you were walking a dog – an animal not allowed to be kept by any students in Hogwarts – behind the walls through the passages, stumbled upon a door randomly, and decided to walk right on in! You know how careless and… and dangerous that is?!”

The girl’s got sense, at least, Remus thought to himself, ravaging his brains for a plan to get his friends out of that room before anyone became curious what the short-lived screams were about and report them. If anyone can ground James, it’s her, not me.

“Look, Evans, would you like to know the truth?” James got up slowly and shrugged hopelessly. The black dog beside him growled viciously but was ignored. “I knew about the door, I knew it would lead here, and I came here on purpose to see you.”

Lily stared at him dumbfounded for a moment and then collapsed onto the bed and hid her face in her hands.

“Are you never going to get the point?!” she said with quiet fury and something else somewhat incomprehensible in her voice. “I don’t like you, James, and this is not going to make me like you. You’re a brainless loon who…”

“– who risked expulsion to come see you, how about that?” James finished for her, backing up to the tapestry quietly and motioning for Sirius to get back into the passage. “Are you going to turn me over to Dumbledore for that?”

Lily sighed and got up from the bed, turning away from him. “Get out of the room, James, don’t let me ever see you here again,” she said solemnly.

Remus raised an eyebrow. Lily Evans not turn James in? That was something really new. Maybe the sweet talk had finally gotten to her, and maybe it was about time, after almost five years. A small step, but maybe if James had a little hope he wouldn’t be as desperate as to come bursting into practically her bed in the middle of the night through a wall.

“You’re not telling? Not about the dog, not about anything?” James’s voice sounded absolutely shocked. “Does that mean you like me more now, Evans?”

“Means nothing of the sort,” Lily replied with frustration. “I’ve got a soft spot for dogs, that’s it. Feel bad for the thing to be shipped back. I’ve never been allowed to have a dog at home – my sister has allergies, and you sure managed to keep it hidden well enough up to now. I won’t tell if you let it come here every second night or so and let me groom it and wash it.”

Remus choked back laughter.

“I will bring him,” James agreed, ignoring the desperate gnawing on his hand, “if I can stay and groom and… wash him too.”

“Fine,” Lily nodded. “Just don’t be so annoying and desperate – I still don’t like you even in the least bit. Now get out.”

“Not yet you don’t,” James whispered under his breath and disappeared behind the tapestry, closing the door behind him.

The moment they were in the corridor, Sirius was transformed back into a boy and at James’s throat.

Groom me and wash me?! Are you mad, Prongs?!”

Remus turned around, grinned to himself, and started walking back towards the boys’ dormitories. It was about time that someone joined him in paying for their stupid behavior. He imagined Sirius with a pink bow on his head and shiny fur, grinned even wider and mentally patted Lily on the back.

Hufflepuffobsession2917 No submission received.

Captain: The pressure and expectations of the O.W.L. exams hang over all fifth-year students at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. What does Rowling suggest about the importance of standardized testing?
JKR stresses the importance of standardized testing of all the 5th year students at Hogwarts, but more attention is paid to it in The Order of the Phoenix. I believe that she wrote standardized testing into the story line to make it seem more down to earth. Everything about the wizarding world is so fantasy that I think she used this theme to level with her readers.

Everyone from time to time has had to take a standardized test, be it the ACT or SAT or some other test in a younger grade. Standardized test tell you as a whole, where you stand as far as education and pave the way for how you should be taught from there on out. Without a standardized test, everyone would continue to be taught in the same manner, leaving some people hanging out to dry, confused, and some people bored out of their minds because the material was too juvenile.

Like the ACT and SAT in the muggle world, the O.W.L.s pave the way for your further education. They help place you in the classes that you need to be in for you profession later in life. Being standardized, each student is treated int he same manner, not hindering them by playing favorites or being to hard on any one student. Without the O.W.L.s every student would be taught the same way, given the same classes, and those that weren't good at one subject would suffer while others excelled.

Again, I think that the main reason she stresses the need for these tests is to, 1. connect with her readers because we have all been there, and 2. to give some rhyme or reason to how jobs are determined and professions are decided.

HufflepuffsabubNo submission received.

Just a reminder of how the points work:
The team with the most total votes will receive 50 points toward the House Cup per position, so a maximum of 200 points can be earned in one match. For ties, both houses will receive 25 points. The house that wins will earn 50 points toward the Quidditch Cup.

For each vote the Captain receives, 50 points will be awarded to their respective house (toward the House Cup) only for the winning team.

Thank you and good luck!!

Sabrina//Hufflepuff Head of House//Co-Mod
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Keeper- Slytherin
Beater- Hufflepuff
Chaser- Slytherin
Captain- Slytherin

Richard, Slytherin
I believe you meant Seeker not Chaser. XD

I do realize that showing up is most imortant, but in the only real contest, Hufflepuff bested you. ^^
I think that the captain's, the Seeker's and the Keeper's submissions could easily have stood up to competition too, had there been any!

We just happen to have the best team, and Quidditch is a team sport- which is not to say that there are not some outstanding performers in other houses too. We just happen to be better ;)

I'd actually like someone to contest me - it's hardly my fault the other teams never submit!
WEll, you're right, you've got all the participating members... I dunno why no one else has as good of a showing as you guys... its kinda dissapointing actually. Maybe you guys wouldnt be the best team if everyone played... but that just isnt the case... :/



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12 years ago

Beater: Hufflepuff
Keeper: Slytherin
Seeker: Slytherin
Captain: Slytherin
Keeper: Slytherin
Beater: Hufflepuff
Seeker: Slytherin
Captain: Slytherin
Keeper: Slytherin
Beater: Hufflepuff
Seeker: Slytherin
Captain: Slytherin
Beater: Hufflepuff
Seeker: Slytherin, very nice story by the way. Wonderful character description. :)
Keeper: Slytherin
Captain: Slytherin
Thank you very much! :)

You're voting Hufflepuff for a position which wasn't even played. I realise you need to grab every point you can but I'm not sure that strategy's going to work ;)
Ooops, I didn't realize it (was just scanning the players page and realized.. that there are no houses here that even have chasers). Well even though I still support my house! :).
Keeper - Slytherin
Beater - Hufflepuff
Seeker - Slytherin
Captain - Slytherin