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Gryffindor VS Hufflepuff

Here are all of the submissions I have received from both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.

Please vote on each position as a comment to this post by Thursday, February 23rd. Under each cut will be both submissions from each house. You can vote in any format you like, just be sure that I can understand which house you chose to win for each position. (i.e. Gryffindor: Beater, Keeper, Seeker Slytherin: Chaser, Captain)

Keeper:Make an icon (or more than one icon if you wish) with a provided picture of Ron and Harry. Please make sure the dimensions are no larger than 100x100.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hufflepuffhufflepuff61626 No submission received.

Chaser: Draw a picture of a Quidditch player (it doesn't matter which team, or if they are flying with their brooms or not) or a whole team. It can be in whatever whatever media you are best in! It can be a sketch or completed drawing, something you have done previously or something new for this competition, its up to you!
GryffindorNo player for this position.

HufflepuffNo player for this position.

Beater: Answer the questions; do some of the things in the Harry Potter world really exist?(There are only 5 because I think they are harder than the basic trivia.)

Does the Platform 9 3/4 really exist?
~~Yes, it is located in the walkway area between the intercity section and the section where the real platforms 9 and 10 are, and was obviously put there for fans of Harry Potter.~~

Which House Ghost really existed?
~The Grey Lady, the Ravenclaw House Ghost, is the name of a number of well-known ghosts of the United Kingdom. The most famous Grey Ladies are those of Warkworth Castle, Stirling Castle, Auckley, Lancaster's Grand Theater, Beamish Hall, and Denbigh Castle. Answers.com Answers.com~

Does a band called the Weird Sisters exist?
~A band called "The Weird Sisters" does not exist. There is however, a Canadian Band called "The Wyrd Sisters" who sued Warner Brothers when the name of the band in the movie was going to be changed from the Weird Sisters to the Wyrd Sisters. Warner Brothers did not change the name and the case was dropped. Wyrd Sisters~

Which text book(s) used in Hogwarts, exist in the real world?
~Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander Wikipedia.com, Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp WIkipedia.com

Is the name Potter made up, or does it come from something/one in real life?
~J.K. Rowling's childhood friend Ian Potter inspired the Potter name and when they were young she played games of "witches and wizards" with him. WKU~

Gryffindorannoy_anonymous No submission received.

Does the Platform 9 3/4 really exist?
No, actually it doesn’t.
Here’s what I found:
link to the picture of the site where platform 9¾ is:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:KingsCrossStationTrolley.JPG
(The Platform 9¾ sign occasionally causes congestion as tourists and Harry Potter fans stop to photograph it (and each other "pushing" the luggage trolley through the wall.)
Unfortunately, platforms 9 and 10 are in a separate building from the main station and face each other across the intervening tracks: Rowling intended the location to be in the main part of the station, but misremembered the platform numbering (in a 2001 interview she indicated she had actually confused King's Cross with Euston; hence also the wall/barrier confusion). An interesting note to this is that Euston also has platforms 9 and 10 in the same orientation as at King's Cross, thus making it the incorrect source of inspiration. Of the other London terminal railway stations, Victoria, London Bridge and Waterloo do have a walkway between platforms 9 and 10, making them the possible inspriation.
When the books were filmed, the main station was used, with platforms 4 and 5 renumbered 9 and 10 for movie purposes. In the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film the exterior of the nearby St Pancras railway station was used, as St Pancras with its Gothic façade was considered more impressive than the real King's Cross. A cast-iron "Platform 9¾" sign has been erected on a wall of the station's suburban building where the real platforms 9 and 10 are. Also shown in the photograph is the recently added luggage trolley; the end sticks out visibly, but the body of it has mysteriously disappeared into the wall....

Which House Ghost really existed?
The House Ghost that really existed was the Grey Lady.
This will explain it all:
There are a number of Grey Lady ghost stories of Great Britain, and it is thought that they might have been an inspiration for this character. Alternatively, she could be named after Lady Jane Grey, whose ghost is said to haunt the Tower of London. According to a letter written by JK Rowling to Nina Young, the actress who played the Grey Lady in the first film, she is "a highly intellectual young lady ... She never found true love as she never found a man up to her standards." [1]. That description closely echoes the life story of that unfortunate young woman.

Does a band called the Weird Sisters exist?
Yes there is such a thing called the Weird Sisters, except the warner bros renamed them as the “Wyrd Sister” for the movie (Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire).
Please read the article below….
The Wyrd Sisters are a Canadian folk music group.
The band formed in 1991 in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a duo consisting of singer-songwriters Kim Baryluk and Nancy Reinhold. Lianne Fournier joined the band in 1993. In 2000, vocalist Kiva also joined the band.
In 2005, the group undertook a legal action[1] against Warner Brothers, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, and Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead, because of a scene in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie adaptation. In the novel there is a band called "Weird Sisters" which Warner Brothers had renamed the "Wyrd Sisters" for the movie version. After negotiations between Warner Brothers and the real Wyrd Sisters for use of the name broke down, the group filed a US$40-million lawsuit against Warner in US court. The film, as released, does not give the name of the band. The suit is still pending, however a motion to prevent the release of the film was dismissed

Which text book(s) used in Hogwarts, exist in the real world?
Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. These two are supposed to be two of the school books in the seven original books.

Is the name Potter made up, or does it come from something/one in real life?
"Potter" was the surname of a family who used to live near J.K. Rowling when she was seven years old and she always liked the name, so she borrowed it."
Most of these are Retrieved from "http://www.wikipedia.org"

Seeker: Write a short fic about why Harry dislikes potions so much. (It can be as short or as long as you want to make it!)
Gryffindortheladymarauder No submission received.

Hufflepuffobsession2917 No submission received.

Captain: Hermione insists on freeing all of the House Elves at Hogwarts, even the ones who do not wish to be freed. What role do slavery and enslavement play in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Who else in the book, besides the elves, is enslaved? How do notions of freedom play into the narrative? (This one will make you think, but you don't have to write very much.)
I feel like Harry feels a connection with Dobby and sympathizes with him because Harry feels enslaved in his own world. Because of who he is, there are so many expectations of him. Then, when Voldemort is back, there is even more pressure on Harry and he's hardly allowed to do anything. Harry is trapped, not only at the Dursley's, but also at Sirius's place and at Hogwarts, which used to be his haven. He feels as though he's being punished for his past.

Besides Harry and the house elves, Sirius is also most definitely a victim of enslavement. Like Harry, he's forced to live a very restrained life because of his past. That's probably part of the reason Harry and Sirius got along so well; they are suffering in very similar ways. It's a shame that Harry lost the one person to which he could feel connected.

HufflepuffsabubNo submission received.

Just a reminder of how the points work: (because they have been revamped)
The team with the most total votes will receive 50 points toward the House Cup per position, so a maximum of 200 points can be earned in one match. For ties, both houses will receive 25 points. The house that wins will earn 50 points toward the Quidditch Cup.

For each vote the Captain receives, 50 points will be awarded to their respective house (toward the House Cup) only for the winning team.

Thank you and good luck!!

Sabrina//Hufflepuff Head of House//Co-Mod
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Keeper: Gryffindor
Beater: Hufflepuff
Captain: Gryffindor

It's not like there's any competition to vote on, really.
I know ;_;
They need us Slytherins to show them how it's done.


12 years ago

im gonna go with keeper: gryffindor, beater: hufflepuff and captain: gryffindor too.
Like this is even a hard choice...

Keeper: Gryff
Beater: Hufflepuff
Captain: Gryff

Good job everyone on the ones that were turned in!!!!

But seaborne is right, you all need some Slytherin help!

I had a little trouble with this.

Keeper: Gryffindor

I agree. Wtd (What the deuce)?! Slytherins need to REPRESENT!
Oh man. I meant




12 years ago


12 years ago

Beater- Hufflepuff

I would also like to nominate coffee_nutz as player of the match, for an outstanding contribution in its own right, which I am sure would have stood up to any competition.

I will not vote on the other two submissions, as I feel that although it is disgraceful that the rest of the Huffleouff team did not put in an appearance, the beater could probably have flown rings around the Gryff team (of which there was also rather a poor showing), and given that Quidditch its a team sport, I don't think it would be fair to vote purely on default.

Slytherin (best House & future Quidditch cup winners)

<3 I always enjoy reading your comments, they are always so colorful and amusing!
Thank you.

But seriously, a rugby team can still win with only 14 players, so having one player less than the other team should not automatically result in the other team's victory.

Well, that's my opinion anyway.

and I forgot to add, of course, my votes for Chaser & Seeker...Slytherin of course ;)


12 years ago

Thank you, that was very kind of you to write :)
change kind to nice if that makes a difference (hehe)


12 years ago

Keeper - LoL, Gryffindor!
Beater - Hufflepuff. (Granted, not all questions were answered correctly, but at least they were answered, which is more than can be said for Gryffindor, so I guess Hufflepuff it is.)
Captain - Gryffindor.

I'm sorry, but if I'm not mistaken, this is not really a vote. For each position, only one house submitted, thus no one can really vote in any other way as I did.
This is true, however, the captians position relys soly on votes. The winning teem will recieve 50 points for each vote their captain recieves... SO, even though Hufflepuff's captian did not submit anything, that is no reason to deny Gryffindor those points. I also think that, seeing as this is a clean sweep, this might motivate some of the inactive players to submit something the next time around...
LoL Yeah, embarrass them into it! :)