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Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

Here are all of the submissions I have received from both Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

Please vote on each position as a comment to this post by the Monday, January 30th (i will be a little lenient with the date because I realize that is just in a few days). Under each cut will be both submissions from each house. You can vote in any format you like, just be sure that I can understand which house you chose to win for each position. (i.e. Gryffindor: Beater, Keeper, Seeker Slytherin: Chaser, Captain)

Keeper: Make three (3) icons (using any picture but the final dimensions must be no larger than 100x100) using the phrase (you can use the whole phrase or part of it. You can also use the three different quotes in each icon, or use the same one in all three. Its totally up to you!):
"Curiosity is not a sin.... But we should exercise caution with our curiosity... yes, indeed." - Albus Dumbledore
"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore
"Neville, you're supposed to stroke it!" - Ron Weasley

Slytherin seaborne

RavenclawNo player for this position.

Chaser: Draw a pairing picture (harry/draco, ron/hermionie, harry/cho, ron/harry.....), or a trio picture. It can be in whatever whatever media you are best in! It can be a sketch or completed drawing, something you have done previously or something new for this competition, its up to you!

Slytherin No player for this position.

Ravenclaw No player for this position.

Answer the questions; do some of the things in the Harry Potter world really exist?
Is Nicholas Flamel a real person? If he was, what did he do?
~~Nicholas Flamel, mentioned as the creator of the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, was actually a real alchemist who was believed by some people to have produced the Philosopher's Stone and has mysterious circumstances surrounding his "death". It is rumored that he might still be alive and, if so, he would be about the age given in the book and movie.~~

What shop from Hogsmeade really exists?
~The Hogs' Head -- "One arm of the Laurel Pub Company empire. These large chain pubs are an attempt to replicate the best of traditional pubs with added comfort. Serves a decent range of drinks with an emphasis on bitters and ales" - Londontown.com ~

Does the "Salem Witches' Institute" mentioned in Goblet of Fire, chapter 7 really exist?
~There is no record of the "Salem Witches' Institute" to ever have existed.~

Name a real person who was written into the Harry Potter books.
~Not counting Nicolas Flamel, the only other real person named in the Harry Potter books is Natalie McDonald, who was sorted into Gryffindor in Goblet of Fire. The girl was an avid Harry Potter fan, and her mother's close friend e-mailed J.K. Rowling to ask her to write to Natalie, who had leukemia. Natalie tragically died of cancer the day before the author responded. Since her death Rowling has struck up a friendship with Natalie's mother, and decided to add the girl's name to her then-unfinished fourth book.~ Wikiedia.com

Can you buy the candy from the harry Potter universe?
~Yes. The actual candy includes: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Acid Pops, Ice Mice, Chocolate Frog, Fizzing Whizbees, Jelly Slugs and Cockroach Clusters. candywarehouse.com There are also recipes for many of the foods eaten at Hogwarts as well.

1. Is Nicholas Flamel a real person? If he was, what did he do?
He was suppoesedly an Immortal French Alchemist.
2. What shop from Hogsmeade really exists?
3. Does the "Salem Witches' Institute" mentioned in Goblet of Fire, chapter 7 really exist?
4. Name a real person who was written into the Harry Potter books.
I don't think there was.
5. Can you buy the candy from the Harry Potter universe?
Actually, you can!

1.Is Nicholas Flamel a real person? If he was, what did he do?
Yes he is. The fact that Flamel became very rich and subsidised a number of churches and hospitals for the poor cannot be contested - it is certainly true. The suggestion that he achieved his wealth from creating the Philosopher's Stone and turning base metals into gold, and that he also created the Elixir of Life and is still alive and well and living in India, is the stuff of legend.

2.What shop from Hogsmeade really exists?
All I could find was Gladrags at http://www.gladrags.org.uk/

3. Does the "Salem Witches' Institute" mentioned in Goblet of Fire, chapter 7 really exist?
I couldn’t find a REAL one, just many new groups calling themselves that, made up in the last few years.

4. Name a real person who was written into the Harry Potter books.
According to the Larry King Live, October 20, 2000 interveiw, J.K. Rowling answers:
“I'd like to know if any of your characters of the "Harry Potter" series are like any real-life characters you've ever met.
Right. Yes, a few people were inspired by living people. I have to be careful what I say here because some of my characters aren't too pleasant, but Hermione, who is one of Harry's best friends, she was most consciously based on a real person, and that person was me. She's a caricature of me when I was younger. Ron, who is Harry's other best friend, he's a lot like my oldest friend, who is a man called Sean. I was at school with him and the second book is dedicated to Sean.”
(Found on http://www.mugglenet.com/jkr/interviews/index.shtml )

5. Can you buy the candy from the harry Potter universe?
Yes you can. Infact I have boughten many candies and have a few pictures of me and my friends eating them. Mmm.

Me with a cockroach cluster. (They are not chocolate! They’re orange gummy things).

Here’s a group of us testing the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and some Fizzing Wizzbies.

We also had all of these, but we didn’t take pictures because we were having too much fun:

In conclusion, you can buy:
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Acid Pops, Ice Mice, Chocolate Frogs, Fizzing Whizbees, Jelly Slugs, and Cockroach Clusters.

Seeker: Write a love letter, either from Harry to Malfoy (Mafoy to Harry is ok too), or Ron to Hermione (or Hermione to Ron). It can be short, less than a page, or it can be 15 pages (although I really don't expect that much. XDD), its totally up to you.

Slytherin football_girl

Harry. I guess I can call you that now without fear – now that it doesn’t even matter. I was never good at writing letters. I never told you this, but every time you sent one to me (damn, you loved writing pages and pages of them, remember?) my heart gave a jump because they were beautiful – filled with love and emotion I never thought anyone could feel towards someone like me. I kept every single one of your letters; even though I told you they were too foolish and sentimental and meant nothing to me. They mean everything to me now, because they’re the only things that I have left of you – they didn’t let me have anything of yours. They didn’t consider me deserving. They’re right, of course, I made peace with that; I never deserved any part of you, even when I had the whole.

I feel empty without you. Only now I can look at myself, ignoring my useless pride, and admit that I was never what I thought and wished I was. Strong, brave, decisive, important… Those were all your qualities. I was a broken, pathetic, cowardly reject who could not do anything without guidance. It was all thanks to you that I lived through the last years of The War at all. After my Father was killed and Professor Snape disappeared I had no one to turn to but the Dark Lord. The legendary battle on the lakeshore of Thames – only you and me – turned out to be the beginning of a much greater battle. You took me out in one blow, but when I woke up with the taste of your lips in your arms I knew that I could never fight against you, even if I pretended that I stayed only because you begged me to.

The next couple of years I remember as a blur – they passed by so fast! The endless battles, fears, dirty small shacks and flats as hide-outs, more and more newspaper articles with the never-ending list of people killed and lost without a trace… Your body, your lips, your hands… I won’t pretend I cared about anything but you and yours – they could all die for all I cared as long as you stayed with me.

It’s funny. I’ve tried to make up thousands of what ifs. It made me feel better, you see, to imagine that at least we had a chance – that we could have been together. I know now, when the story of your death has been revealed to us, that us being together was a short-lived illusion. You could have never defeated Him without sacrificing your life and the only way for you to lose was for Him to win, which would mean your immediate death.

This was meant to be. You a Gryffindor, me a Slytherin – a line between us which should have never been crossed. I did love you; I want you to know that, though I never showed it. Though I told you that I slept with you for relief, I want you to know that I made love every single time.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this sooner. I’m sorry you went to your death believing otherwise. I will have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life... But not only with that, but also with the eternal feeling of gratefulness. Sometimes we put up walls. Not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down. Thank you for caring.

Always yours,


Until the day I die, I’ll spill my heart for you…” ~ Story of the Year.

Ravenclaw jojotdklown No submission received.

Captain: Why must Harry leave familiar territory (i.e. Hogwarts) before facing Voldemort? And why is he be safe over the summer at the Dursleys?

Slytherinkortni_marieNo submission received. Substituted by whiskeylover
The safety aspect-

I thought this little article (http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-piratess01.shtml) had some nice ideas.

Also have a look here at the wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dursleys

What it all boils down to, seems to be that a powerful protection was placed on the Dursley's home, which is closely related to his blood relation to them.
Given that the Dursleys are muggles, they may be more difficult to trace than wizards, and we know that some sort of cloaking spell was put on their home when Harry was left there.

I quite liked the idea that Petunia was rather more involved than she let on- certainly the comment "remember my last, Petunia" strongly implies that there had been previous communication between Dumbledore and Petunia. She also showed that she knew more about dementors than one would expect from a muggle.

It should also be remembered, that her reaction to hearing that Sirius Black had escaped was rather more vehement than Vernon's (he blustered about general incompetence in letting a prisoner escape, but she seemed genuinely shocked).

All of this suggests that she was really rather more involved than just "having a sister who was a freak". If indeed she was involved with the Order of the Phoenix, as suggested by the mugglenet article, then it seems she was kept quite secret. We know that McGonnagal had misgivings about leaving Harry in her care. However, Dumbledore often keeps certain parts of his plans secret (see Snape...) I also don't find the idea of a muggle in the order absurd- after all, the order fights against the prejudices and hatred Voldemort's supporters feel for the muggles.

So, on the one hand there seems to be a certain protection afforded to Harry by the blood bond between him and his aunt (and Dudley?). On the other hand, there may well have been an element of safety in the relative obscurity in which Harry lived. Not only for himself, but also for the wizarding world. Remember that Voldemort only re-appeared on the scene as Harry entered the wizarding world. Coincidence, or is Voldemort's life even more intertwined with Harry's than is currently thought?

As a purely speculative sideline, I have a suspicion that Petunia might have made an unbreakable vow to her sister, to protect Harry where possible. Although the Wikipedia entry (and some other internet definitions) state that an unbreakable vow has to be between two wizards (or withches, presumably) I don't remember this being expressly stated as fact in HBP. It may be that this is what everyone assumes, but then again everyone assumed that Voldemort was dead...

(you could also have a look here: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/potter4/study.html and see if you can get the links to work. I couldn't)

As far as the question of "why Harry must leave unfamiliar territory to face Voldemort" is concerned, I believe that it is mis-phrased. Harry does not have to leave Hogwarts to face Voldemort. Admittedly there are arguments to say that Hogwarts is so well protected that Voldemort cannot enter, so that Harry would have to move outside to encounter him. Indeed, when Harry encountered him in Goblet of Fire, the elaborate plan was to transport him out of Hogwarts by way of a Portkey. But in HBP it was clear that the death eaters had found a way to gain entry to Hogwarts, and indeed before then, when Voldemort inhabited Quirrel's body, he was in Hogwarts. And Harry did face him within the grounds of Hogwarts.

I think that the reason why Harry actually does leave Hogwarts is simply that the game has changed- the hunted has become the hunter. It is no longer Voldemort who devises plans to get at Harry, it is now Harry who actively goes to seek out the Horcruces, find Voldemort and destroy him.

Ravenclawbianca166 I think he's safe at the dursleys because there are people always watching over him there! Member of the OotP, and the lady, but i don't see how she's so useful if she can't protect harry all that well, but i guess she could be a very good alarm, just to let everyone know. I'm not too sure why harry must leave familiar territory, maybe in his familiar territory, everyone there wants to help him, but for him to truly face voldemore by himself he has to get away from the people that want to 'chip in'. ;)

Just a reminder of how the points work:
The team with the most total votes will receive 50 points toward the House Cup per position, so a maximum of 200 points can be earned in one match. For ties, both houses will receive 25 points. The house that wins will earn 50 points toward the Quidditch Cup.

For each vote the Captain receives, 1 point will be awarded to their respective house (toward the House Cup) regardless of which team wins the match.

Thank you and good luck!!

Sabrina//Hufflepuff Head of House//Co-Mod
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